We want you to know us
 Mao is our resident documents and forms expert because of her Quality Management background. She joined the Concept Magic Team in 2011 as a partner and Event Director, and her first event was a kiddie party! She spends her time being a full-time mom and pursuing her newfound hobbies: cooking and running!

Mao Gonzales

Event Director

Ygy is the founder of Concept Magic Events, but her full-time role is that of a Leadership and Management Training Specialist for a BPO company. Despite her current job, her newly-married life and managing events, she enjoys other endeavors, such as movies, reading, karaoke, DJ mixing, video editing, pursuing a diploma in Organization Development, and cars.

Ygy Arcilla

Event Director

Hana Manuel

Senior Planner

Despite Hana's full-time job doing admin work for a shipping company and being a mom for her kids, she has been actively involved in our events ever since she joined the team in early 2012. With more than 5 years of coordinating experience, Hana currently handles some of our projects and acts as head coordinator during events.

Neza Ragay

Event Coordinator

Joy Aguila-Umagat

Event Coordinator

Fondly called "Ate Joy" by the team, Joy does her work best when she is a bridal assistant. She became part of the team in late 2011, but at the same time manages to do her work as a Project Manager for one of the local banks, and being a happily-married mom for her first child. Joy also owns and manages a photobooth and has tie-up events with us from time to time.
 Loi gained her experience in events when she joined Concept Magic in early 2010. She has been doing coordinator and bridal assistant roles in some of our events from time to time. She also has a full-time job and is currently raising two kids. Recently, she finally decided to put up her own events company, but still has time to work with us in some of our projects.

Loi Ramas

Event Coordinator

Charlie joined Concept Magic Events in 2010 when he first hosted a reception program for us. He later became involved in other event-related tasks, such as coordinating the wedding ceremony and reception. Charlie is multi-talented: he is not only a Learning Specialist in a BPO company, but is also skilled in hair and make-up, styling, and even singing during some of our events!

Charlie Seloterio

Event Coordinator

Xtine Castillo

Program Host

Ironically, Xtine (or "Ate X" as some of us call her) joined the team not as a host, but as a reception coordinator. We quickly saw her talent in emceeing, so she pursued it! She has been doing a lot of hosting gigs not just for wedding receptions, but all other occasions, such as birthdays and corporate affairs. Xtine works as a Language Training Manager in a BPO company, and is generally a fun-loving gal who loves to just chill out.
Ygy is an expert in: Event planning and conceptualization, musical selection and direction, technical direction, track-mixing. Sometimes she sings, hosts the program, or even DJs during events!
Neza is an expert in: Event execution and coordination, bridal assistance, event troubleshooting, and wedding/pre-nup photography.
Loi is an expert in: Event planning, event execution and coordination, bridal assistance, and commentating during wedding ceremonies.
Xtine is an expert in: Reception coordination, event/program hosting, and scriptwriting.
Although Ella is our newest addition to the team, she has been in the wedding industry far longer then we ever have! Her first event with us was in mid-2012. Because of her extensive knowledge and skills, she does excellently anywhere, and even acts as preps and ceremony head during our events. Ella does freelance event coordination, not just with us, but with other planners as well. 

Ella Luvino

Event Coordinator

Ella is an expert in: Everything about event planning and execution, supervising event coordinators, and yes, flower arrangement!
Mao is an expert in: Event planning and conceptualization, detailing, event execution and coordination, budgeting, kiddie parties and working event wonders with Excel!
Hana is an expert in:  Event planning and conceptualization, event execution, event troubleshooting, and dance choreography.
Joy is an expert in: Event execution and coordination, bridal assistance, kiddie parties, and photobooth management.
JP is an expert in: Event planning and execution, program hosting, and dance choreography!
JP's skills and interests are very diverse: he is a BS Math graduate who holds the position of Account Manager in a BPO company, but he also plans and coordinates events, hosts programs, and dances very well! He joined our team in late 2009 as an event coordinator, and later on, his role expanded to hosting. He also directed plays and did production management during our theatre stints in the past. 

JP Bayhon

Program Host/

​Event Planner

Charlie is an expert in: Event execution and coordination, program hosting, hair and make-up, any form of creative styling, and singing.
Neza joined Concept Magic Events as a bridal assistant in late 2009 and has developed her skills in not just event execution and coordination, but also in event planning. Over the years, she has also developed an interest in wedding photography. She does wedding shoots on the side, along with her current full-time work in a BPO company.